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6 Recommendations: Part Two
Pages 79-82

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From page 79...
... The suggestions for implementation address specific programs or aspects of the programs that will help ensure that they meet the primary objectives. PRIMARY RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATION #1 ONR should create a single, coherent vision for the corporate programs, tied more closely to the mission of ONR ONR needs a clear, integrated vision for what it wants to accomplish with these programs, including ways to use them to increase the number of women and minorities in science and engineering.
From page 80...
... Except for awards to the HBCUs/MIs and the occasional undergraduate who participates in a principal investigator's research grant under AASERT, ONR fiends nothing at this level. The committee recommends that ONR consider creating undergraduate scholarships or a summer intern program at selected universities or Navy laboratories.
From page 81...
... Large urban institutions, and others with especially strong track records of success in educating minority Ph.D.s, should also be targeted for funding. If ONR is to use its corporate programs to increase diversity in its work force and, more specifically, to expand the pool of potential employees, it will need to target a much wider audience of minority graduate students and researchers.
From page 82...
... Young Investigator, or Women Science Scholars awards are natural candidates for ONR program officer positions, if not immediately following their award, at least reasonably soon thereafter. ONR should use the same advertising and recruitment techniques for this group as is recommended here to increase the diversity of its current work force.

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