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... ; · In combat aircraft: STOL, STOVE, standoff, and stealth; · Air-to-air cooperative engagement at long-engagement ranges; · Stealth and automation in ships, which must be designed as complete systems; · Unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles providing essential capabilities for combat; · Greatly expanded capability of submarines to support forces ashore; Of necessity, the information system will include some organic targeting capability as a fallback.
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... Becoming able to clear mines rapidly during expeditionary operations; · Ability of small units to neutralize large, built-up, populated areas with minimal casualties and collateral damage; · A logistic system based on the use of modern information technology with lift, ships, and processes tailored for supporting forces at sea and ashore from the sea; . Modeling and simulation applied to acquisition, readiness, deterrence, and warfare: theory and methods to suit the needs of future naval forces for deterrence and warfare.

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