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1 The 2035 Naval Forces
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... Part / Synopsis
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... They will include: · Sustaining a forward presence; · Establishing and maintaining blockades; . Deterring and defeating attacks on the United States, our allies, and friendly nations, and, in particular, sustaining a sea-based nuclear deterrent force; Projecting national military power through modern expeditionary warfare, including attacking land targets from the sea, landing forces ashore and providing fire and logistic support for them, and engaging in sustained combat when necessary; .
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... Access to and exploitation of space-based observation to track the surface fleet, making surprise more difficult to achieve and heightening the fleet's vulnerability; · Increased ability to disrupt and exploit technically based intelligence and information systems; Effective antiaircraft weapons and systems; All manner of mines, including "smart" minefields with networked sensors that can target individual ships for damage or destruction by mobile mines; · Antiship cruise missiles with challenging physical and flight characteristics; · Accurately guided ballistic missiles able to attack the fleet; · Quiet, modern, air-independent submarines with modern torpedoes; and
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... THE FUTURE NAVAL FORCES Future Naval Force Capability Application of the advancing technologies that are described in Chapter 6 of this report can lead to a complete transformation of the naval forces, amounting to a breakthrough in naval force capabilities. Foremost among the breakthrough capabilities that could be achieved are the following: Sustained information superiority over adversaries; Major ships operated effectively by many fewer people, through the use of networked instrumentation and automated subsystems; .
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... Synthesis Taken together with ongoing work on defense against cruise missiles and tactical or theater ballistic missile defenses, the vision evoked by these advanced capabilities, if they are implemented and used to enable leaner, more streamlined modes of operation, can position the naval forces to carry out their missions in the face of future international security challenges, threats, and fiscal constraints far more efficiently and effectively than today's forces could. Implementing the capabilities will require a stable, sustained R&D program, in areas that are described later in this report.
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... Otherwise, delays in advancing some capabilities such as failure to establish information superiority, or to develop the responsive firepower needed to support dispersed forces ashore, or to meet the threats of mines, submarines, and missiles, or to be able to dominate populated areas quickly, or to advance the logistic system together with the combat systems can turn into "showstoppers" for the entire naval force. The resulting "lean" forces will inevitably have vulnerabilities that must be accounted for.

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