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Appendix B: Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 120-122

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From page 120...
... B Acronyms and Abbreviations AEW AIP ALAFS ASW ATD ATP AUV B&V CADAM CAVES CEC CFD C4I CIC CLIDCS CNO COTS CSA CTOL CV DARPA DOD Airborne early warning Air-independent propulsion Advanced Lightweight Affordable Fuselage Structures (program) Antisubmarine warfare Advanced technology demonstration Advanced technology program Autonomous undersea vehicle Blohm and Voss Computer-aided design and manufacturing Conformal acoustic velocity sensing Cooperative engagement capability Computational fluid dynamics Command, control, communications, computing, and intelligence Combat information center Component-level intelligent distributed control systems Chief of Naval Operations Commercial off-the-shelf Common support aircraft Conventional takeoff and landing Aircraft carrier Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Department of Defense 120
From page 121...
... Integrated power system Infrared Joint Strike Fighter (program) Local area network Amphibious assault ship Local operating network Low probability of intercept Manufacturing technology development program Metal oxide semiconductor-controlled thyristor Microelectromechanical systems Modular isolated deck structure National Aeronautics and Space Administration Naval Air Systems Command Naval Air Warfare Center National Missile Defense New nuclear-powered attack submarine Operations other than war Power electronic building block Research and development Radio frequency Resin transfer molded (spars and fusilage frames)
From page 122...
... 122 UUV VA VF VLS VP VSTOL VIOL TECHNOLOGY FOR THE U.S. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS · VOLUME 6 Unmanned underwater vehicle Attack squadron Fighter squadron Vertical launch system Patrol squadron Vertical and short takeoff and landing Vertical takeoff and landing

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