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From page 142...
... He was the Commander of both the Air Force Systems Command and the Air Force Materiel Command, where he was responsible for all Air Force research, development, acquisition policy, and logistics. He is a member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots; a commissioner for the National Research Council (NRC)
From page 143...
... During his tenure, he had major responsibilities during the development of engines for the F-15, F-16, A-10, B-1B, B-2A, C- 17, and F-22 aircraft. He was chief engineer for Air Force engine development for 10 years and spent two years as general manager for development engines.
From page 144...
... Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory and with NASA's Langley Research Center. His area of expertise is the dynamics, guidance, and control of aerospace vehicles.
From page 145...
... Dr. Schrage has served on a number of advisory boards, such as the Army Science Board, the Air Force Studies Board, NASA Aeronautics Research Technology Subcomittees, and several NRC committees.
From page 146...
... As a team member with Rockwell International on the Reusable Launch Vehicle NASA Research Agreement, she has used her aircraft structures experience to transition advanced organic composites to launch vehicle structures. She is also involved with Rockwell on preliminary design of wing and intertank structures for the X-33 advanced technology demonstrator.

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