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APPENDIX D Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 128-132

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From page 128...
... D Acronyms and Abbreviations ACTD ACTS AEW AI AOR APD APPD ASIM ATM ATR ATS BDA c2 C2I C3 C4ISR CCD CDL CEC CEP Advanced concept technology demonstration Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Airborne early warning Artificial intelligence Area of responsibility Average pass duration Average pass per day Automated System Intrusion Monitor Asynchronous transfer mode Automatic target recognition Advanced technology satellite Battle damage assessment Command and control Command, control, and intelligence Command, control and communications Command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance Camouflage, concealment, and deception Common data link Cooperative engagement capability Circular error of probability 128
From page 129...
... APPENDIX D CNO COTS CVN DARPA DBS DDS DISA DOD DSCS ECM EHF ELINT EO/IR FAA FIWC FOPEN FPA GCCS GCP GEO GIS GOPEN GPS HDTV HE HMI HUMINT IFF IFOV IO IF IPB IR ISA ISAR ISDN ISO ISR IVHS IW JCS JTA JTIDS 129 Chief of Naval Operations Commercial off the shelf Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Direct broadcast satellite Defense dissemination system Defense Intelligence Service Agency Department of Defense Defense Satellite Communication System Electronic countermeasure Extremely high frequency Electronic intelligence Electro-optical, infrared Federal Aviation Administration Fleet Information Warfare Center Foliage penetration Focal plane array Global command-and-control system Ground control point Geostationary orbit Geographic information system Ground penetration Global Positioning System High-definition television High frequency Human-machine interface Human intelligence Identification friend or foe Instantaneous field of view Information operations Internet protocol Intelligence preparation of the battlefield Infrared Intelligent software agent Inverse synthetic aperture radar Integrated services digital network International Organization for Standardization Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance Intelligent vehicle highway system Information warfare Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint technical architecture Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
From page 130...
... Multifunction information distribution system Military strategic and tactical relay Major regional conflict Moving target indicator Mid-wave infrared National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Command Authority Noise equivalent detection temperature National Intelligence Mapping Agency Near-infrared Naval prototype optical instruments Naval Research Laboratory National Security Agency Observe, orient, decide, act Operations other than war Optical phased-array modulator Pulse code modulation Personal communications system Phase shift keying Public switched telephone network Radio Corporation of America Radar cross section Research and development Radio frequency Rules of engagement Synthetic aperture radar Satellite communications Signal-to-clutter ratio Signal intelligence Single-channel ground-to-air radio system Signal-to-noise ratio Systeme Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre Space-time adaptive processing Short-wave infrared Tactical satellite
From page 131...
... APPENDIX D TDMA TDRS TEL T/R TWT UAV UFO UHF URAV VHF VMF VPN VSAT 131 Time division multiple access Tracking and data relay satellite Transporter erector launcher Transmit/receive Traveling wave tube Unmanned aerial vehicle UHF follow-on (satellite) Ultrahigh frequency Uninhabited reconnaissance aerial vehicle Very high frequency Variable message format Virtual private network Very small aperture terminal

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