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APPENDIX A Terms of Reference
Pages 99-105

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From page 101...
... A Terms of Reference cot
From page 102...
... the f indices should be adjusted for unanticipated changes in technology, naval strategy, or national see: unity requirements . In vat ew of the momentous changes that have since talcen place, part, cularly with national security requirements in the aftermath of the Cold War, I request that the Naval Studies Board immediately undertake a major review and revision of the earlier Nat 21 f indings .
From page 103...
... In view of the fundamental national and international changes -- especially the Cold Warts end -- that- have occurred since 1988, it in timely to conduct a comprehensive review of the Na~ 21 f indings, and recast them, where needed, to ref. eat known and anticipated changes in the threat, naval missions, force levels, budget, manpower, as well as present or anticipated technical developments capable of providing cost effective lease rage in an austere environment.
From page 104...
... 4. Technologies that may advance chime and tactical ballistic missile defense and offensive capabilities beyond current system approaches should be examined.
From page 105...
... The study should take 18 months and produce a single-volume overview report supported by task group reports (publ fished either separately or as a single volume) Task~group reports should be published as soon as completed to facilitate incorporation into the DoN planning and programming process.

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