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5 Development and Maintenance of Human Performance
Pages 87-90

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From page 87...
... For example, in FY 1996 the Department of the Navy invested only $29 million in the two congressional budget categories associated with people-centered research relevant to training (education and training, and simulators and training devices) , when the total amount spent by the Navy on residential training for individuals, 87
From page 88...
... · Technology advances over the next three decades will create opportunities to manage people more efficiently by taking better advantage of their skills, experience, and talents. For example, advances in information processing and communication technology will contribute in the following ways: Provide more specific, more useful, and more timely information, enabling people to be tested, classified, and assigned with greater accuracy; Create greater opportunities for distance learning, use of more effective simulators, more effective multimedia training, embedded training, and other approaches that allow tailoring of training to individual circumstances; Allow better measures of productivity to be created and make people more productive; Make more information available to both the Navy and the sailor for career management and provide sufficient communication capacity to allow managing careers on a more interactive basis; and Enable sailors to deploy and, except when in combat, to stay in close touch with their families and other loved ones.
From page 89...
... Investments in human resources that are modest compared to other areas will yield substantial returns. They should be treated as significant issues that deserve both priority and high-level attention.

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