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... But at a critical phase in NASA's planning cycle and midway between decadal surveys, the list of unexecuted consensus missions was too small to serve as the foundation for NASA's next strategic plan for the space sciences. Accordingly, in December 1995, NASA's Office of Space Science (OSS)
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... Studies performed by HST and the Keck 10-meter, ground-based telescope are providing researchers with their first direct look at the evolution of galaxies only a few billion years after the beginning of the universe. Astronomers now have, as never before, the ability to build instruments allowing detailed observation of galaxy formation one of the major missing links in current understanding of cosmic evolution.
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... The additional key activities listed in Chapters 2 through 5 serve a number of roles, including providing scientific justification and support for small missions that could be proposed by individual principal investigators, offering guidance to peer-review panels that will select small missions, and suggesting a focus for technology development efforts that will enable future space astronomy and astrophysics missions. Throughout its deliberations TGSAA assumed that all currently approved NASA astrophysical missions either would be operational by the early years of the coming decade or would be approaching launch.

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