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4. The Private Sector
Pages 43-48

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From page 43...
... The task force also examined the wide diversity of private practice engineering services and the manner in which they are furnished. Consulting engineers, as private practice engineers are generally known, may function as large corporations, as small business entrepreneurs, or as highly specialized experts on call from academia or industry for special consultation and/or legal testimony.
From page 44...
... Support organizations exist to help meet this need, as follows: Organizations Educational institutions Technical societies Professional societies Mechanisms Academic curricula Home study courses Seminars/short courses
From page 45...
... Foreign firms, in fact, are purchasing or creating U.S.-laased engineering subsidiaries to compete head to head with consulting engineers for domestic work. The tightened national economy has forced engineering consulting firms to reduce their staffs, with many former employees choosing to open their own consulting firms, thus adding to the competition.
From page 46...
... They include the following: Organizations Professional societies Trade associations Educational institutions Manuals Workshops Association advertising Referral services Technical literature Engineering business reports Technical societies Publications Private marketing consultants Mechanisms Seminars Cassettes Programs Peer information exchange Business leads Short courses/seminars Development of Adequate Risk Management Tools The number of claims against private practice firms or engineering consultants has climbed steadily for the past 20 years, increasing in severity as well as frequency. That frequency now exceeds 40 claims for each 100 insured firms, with the average severity of each claim surpassing $20,000.
From page 47...
... Service to the client should not lie allowed to deteriorate lay permitting adversarial relationships to develop whenever problems arise. A number of existing organizations and mechanisms provide support to the engineer in private practice in the application of risk management tools: Organizations Professional societies Technical societies Liability insurance carriers Law firms Mechanisms Workshops Newsletters Model contract documents Seminars Home study courses Achieving Versatility and Profitability While Maintaining Professional Integrity and Objectivity The private practice sector of the engineering profession is currently grappling with major changes in business practice, changes related to nontraditional roles that are available and potentially beneficial to consulting engineers.
From page 48...
... A number of support organizations currently exist that attempt to respond to this need: Professional societies Educational institutions Investment bankers Legislative bodies Seminars Short courses Publications Procurement procedures Organizations Mechanisms Technical societies Insurance companies Industry Workshops Postgraduate courses Standardized contract documents

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