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Appendix A: Public Information and Media Outreach Activities
Pages 61-64

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From page 61...
... The American Institute of Chemical Engineers jAIChE) devotes its principal outreach efforts to promoting coverage of its national meetings and conferences and its brochures and fact sheets on specific issues.
From page 62...
... In addition, the society has put together a four-color booklet on the role of the civil engineer {largely as a career guidance aide in conjunction with a 20-second public service announcement {PSALM television spot. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers FASTEN arranges for media coverage of technical conferences and publishes articles in ASME publications.
From page 63...
... Several corporations E.g., WestinghouseJ have provided time and training for engineers to make media appearances discussing technology. Most engineering colleges have at least one public information staff person who can serve as a conduit for the press to expert faculty.
From page 64...
... Its aim teas been simply to touch upon the activities of some meow engineering organizations as well as some of the more interesting activities of other organizations.

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