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Implementation of the Peer Review Program
Pages 27-30

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From page 27...
... In the following section, the committee discusses this issue and the leadership necessary to implement this peer review program successfully. OST's "Corporate" Culture One feature characteristic of organizations that effectively use peer review as an input into management of their research and development portfolios is a peer review process that is ingrained in their organizational cultures: in other words.
From page 28...
... Technical review by the program staff is extremely valuable and essential, and program staff review is a major component of proper management of the public trust in these high-unpact programs. These programmatic reviews are not substitutes for peer review, however.
From page 29...
... When this is achieved, OST's work will be soundly credible not because it has been given a quick remedial polish but because it is fundamentally good technical work because it meets high starboards of quality.

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