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Appendix A: Description of OST's Peer Review Program
Pages 33-40

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From page 35...
... The FA/CC program managers are responsible for developing a prioritized list of technologies to be reviewed, providing documentation to reviewers, preparing responses to review panels' Consensus Reports, and for covering the cost of FA/CC program personnel and material needed for the peer reviews.2 The 1 The material in this appendix is based on OST's description of its program, not on the committee's evaluation. 2At present, the direct cost of the peer review itself is covered by the grant to RSI rather than by the budget of the FA/CC program manager requesting the review; however the cost for preparing and presenting to the review panel is covered by the FA/CC program.
From page 36...
... Specific responsibilities include receiving, processing, and scheduling peer review requests from FA/CC program managers; coordinating peer review activities among FA/CC program managers, the ASME Peer Review Committee (see below) , and the review panels; ensuring reviews are executed in a timely manner; ensuring FA/CC program responses to review recommendations are included in Final Reports; and managing the budget arid records for OST.
From page 37...
... Institute For Regulatory Science RST provides administrative and technical support for peer review activities. RST's responsibilities include meeting planning, compiling and distributing background materials for members of review panels, facilitating peer reviews, and providing an executive secretary to assist in the preparation of Consensus Reports of peer review panels.
From page 38...
... (DOE, 1997b, p.3) The actual decisions to conduct peer reviews of specific technologies are made by FA/CC program managers in response to five main "drivers:" (~)
From page 39...
... For each review, the FA/CC program manager develops a preliminary list of specific review criteria, which are then used by the ASME Peer Review Committee to develop the formal review criteria for the review panel. These criteria are used by project staff and other presenters to organize written materials and oral presentations for the peer review.
From page 40...
... The Interim Report is then reviewed and approved by the ASME Peer Review Committee and released as an ASME Final Report. OST's Technology Decision Process requires that peer review reports be used in all funding decisions made at Gate 4 or any subsequent gate in the technology development process.

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