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Appendix B: Description of OST's Technology Investment Decision Model
Pages 41-46

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From page 41...
... Programmatic driver criteria to enter each stage include technology end-user need; technical merit; cost; safety, health, environmental protection, and risk; stakeholder, regulatory, and tribal issues; and commercial viability. The focus area/crosscutting program (FA/CC)
From page 42...
... me ._ P: i,,, FIGURE B 1 Diagram of OST's Technology Investment Decision Model (DOE, 1 997b)
From page 43...
... Research conducted includes proof of principle and labscale experimentation, with the objectives of defining data requirements, preparing experimental designs, determining material requirements, and determining business attributes. Project effectiveness at this stage is measured in terms of whether the project satisfies experimental design plan acceptance criteria and all of the programmatic driver criteria.
From page 44...
... Objectives at this stage include scaling up and refining detailed designs for prototypes and pilots, and clarifying the DOE deployment strategy and schedules to meet performance needs. This stage of development yields drawings, schematics, and computer codes; construction and demonstration units; prototypes and pilot-scale systems; system evaluation; reliability testing; infrastructure plans; and procurement specifications.
From page 45...
... the DOE deployment schedule is established. In addition, the TD/PT must address gate programmatic driver criteria, complete and document preliminary test results, and demonstrate that test plan requirements have been satisfied .

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