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Appendix C: Description of OST's Review Program
Pages 47-52

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From page 47...
... Technical peer reviews are conducted externally and independently, such that the investigators whose work is being reviewed play no part in the selection or organization of the review panel. From the technical peer review, OST seeks to gain independent, unbiased, technical input or justification for binding project development.
From page 48...
... ASME = American Society of Mechanical Engineers; CEMT = Committee on Environmental Management Technologies; EM-] = Office of the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management; EM = Office of Environmental Management; EMAB = Environmental Management Advisory Board; ER = Office of Energy Research; FA/CC = Focus area/ crosscutting area; FETC = Federal Energy Technology Center; NRC = National Research Council; 0ST = Office of Science and Technology; SSAB = Site-Specific Advisory Board; STCG = Site Technology Coordinating Group.
From page 49...
... · Environmental Management Site Specific Advisory Board (KM STABS. The EM SSAB provides a means for community members to contribute to site-specif~c policy and technical decisions (e.g., future land use, integrated risk management, resource allocation, and EM priority setting)
From page 50...
... These reviews, conducted for each focus area, assess program management, direction, technical emphasis, and overall soundness of the respective focus area's technology-development program. Both internal and external experts participate as reviewers, which include representatives of private industry, EM user groups, the scientific and academic communities, other federal agencies, and, in some instances, members of the Community Leaders Network (OST's primary stakeholder organization)
From page 51...
... The Office of Energy Research (ER) conducts a peer review to evaluate the merit of proposals received and forwards selected proposals to a panel of EM managers.

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