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Appendix A: Summary of Space Station Furnace Facility Core Systems Science Requirements
Pages 53-56

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... Appendix A Summary of Space Station Furnace Facility Core Systems Science Requirements Minimum volume Total facility peak power Heat rejection Video Magnetic field generation Field stability Inert gas requirements per increment mission SSFF provided inert gas ISS provided nitrogen Control Range Minimum flow rate Measurement Range Resolution Vacuum (access provided to ISS system) Range Absolute accuracy Heating rate Cooling requirements Heater element control Control set-point stability Absolute control set-point accuracy Number of controlled heaters 3 racks 12 kW as required to dissipate energy used National Television Standards Committee standards; upgradable 3.0 kW power available < 1.0% of desired field 8.16 kg 99.9995% pure argon 11.34 kg 99.995% pure 10-200 kPa 4 kg argon/hr 5-250 kPa 0.1 kPa lxlO~-5 kPa 10.0% of measured value 60 to 300C/hr active or passive +0.1C +1.0C 45 total: 15 in IR1, 30 in IR2 55
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... 56 FUTURE MA TERIALS SCIENCE RESEARCH ON THE INTERNS TIONAL SPA CE STY LION Temperature measurement Range Resolution Absolute accuracy Data rate Translation capability Rate range Control range Rate stability Rate stability rate Translation rate measurement Absolute accuracy Resolution Sampling rate Sample position measurement Absolute accuracy Resolution Current pulsing Pulse amplitude Accuracy Resolution Pulse width Accuracy Resolution Pulse shape Transition time Minimum time between pulses 250 ms Pulse power Peak Time averaged Pulse voltage Pulse polarity Voltage and current input measurements Accuracy 20.0-2,300.0C 0.1C +0.9C 10 scans/e 0.005 to 500.0 cm/hr 60.0 cm < 5.0 of set-point at lowest rate to < 2.0% of set-point at highest rate < 1.0 mm/s +2.5% of set-point at fastest rate, +10.0% of set-point at slowest rate 2.0% of set-point up to 1 scan/e +1.1% of provided signal 0.1 mm 5.0 to 60.0A; selectable +0.5% of setting at 5 A +0.25% of setting at 60 A 1.0 A 10-4,000 ms +5.0% of setting 1.0 ms variable <5.0% of pulse width 1,600 W 640 W (40% duty cycle) up to 60 V at core/module interface reversible +0.1 V and +0.1 A

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