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Measure the Quality of Your School Science Program
Pages 17-20

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From page 17...
... For example, it can be used by teachers to improve their instruction; it can be used as a means of communicating what is valued to students, staff, and the community; and it can help parents and others to monitor the quality of their school science program. Assessment as a Too' for improving Instruction and Learning To assess a student's level of unclerstancling, teachers traclitionally have used multiple-choice and short-answer tests given at the end of a unit of study.
From page 18...
... Likewise, when the school boars! members and school administration officials decide to include science in the district or school assessments, they are indicating to parents, teachers, and students that science is an important part of the curriculum for all students.
From page 19...
... By examining student performance on individual questions, the teacher can tell which topics need additional time. As another example, in professional development programs, informal observations of novice teachers by experienced teachers can help determine where the novices need help.

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