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Why Do We Need Science, Anyway?
Pages 3-6

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From page 3...
... , only 14 percent of fourth-graders knew that it is easier to stay afloat in salt water than in fresh water and could explain why. Only 10 percent of eighth-graders knew why eating potato salad made with mayonnaise that has been left out in the sun could cause food poisoning.
From page 4...
... The administrative assistant couicl be faxing immunization records to the school system's central office to expedite the registration of new students. Using the school's computer network, your child's teacher may be tootling at grade reports as the principal reviews the agenda of the upcoming school board meeting.
From page 5...
... The chart below summarizes these results. Although there probably are multiple reasons for the poor results on the NAEP and the eightti-gracie TIMSS tests, the message from :; ;::; Nations' Science Performance Co ~m: spared to the U.S.*
From page 6...
... From this initial experience, teachers can help students learn what living things need to sustain life, show them what happens when they are deprived of those things, and help students develop a respect for living things. Perhaps the most important role of science is to sustain that sense of awe and wonder in young people that comes from exploring and understanding the natural and technological world.

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