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Start with a Vision of High-Quality Education
Pages 7-12

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From page 7...
... After several days of data collection, the groups rotate responsibilities. As the data accumulate, the class reviews its weather data and summarizes the weather in a class weather bulletin.
From page 8...
... Parents and school staff hold high expectations that all students will learn what they need to know. Teaching Science the Old-Fashioned Way In many science classrooms around the country, students are still being taught in traditional ways.They read aloud from science textbooks, memorize long lists of scientific terms, and prepare to take tests that call for simple rote recall.
From page 9...
... At each level, subjects are introduced in a systematic way, building on what was learners in earlier Grades Rv the time students graduate from high school, they have developecl a deep understanding of the characteristics that all living things share. A similarly well-ordered, progressive development of ideas can take place in all the science disciplines.
From page 10...
... An instructional approach patterned after the way scientists study the natural world, called inquiry, can achieve several important results. Through a combination of "hands-on" and "minds-on" learning, inquiry engages students in a process through which they learn science content best.
From page 11...
... This ability to learn how to learn through inquiry should also be a crucial component of exemplary science teaching and learning. Knowing how to learn means that young people can locate new information and data, answer their own questions about the natural world, and solve problems with new technologies.
From page 12...
... Teachers need to be able to let students explore their own questions and raise issues in class with which teachers may be unfamiliar. To improve achievement, teachers are not the only people in the classroom who have to change.

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