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Appendix B: Watershed Data and Information on the Internet
Pages 289-292

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From page 289...
... The following list includes sites that are primarily data sources as well as examples of sites maintained by watershed management agencies from the local to the national level. All the sites were active as of September 30, 1998.
From page 290...
... EXAMPLES OF FEDERAL SITESGEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM DATA Geological Survey National Geospatial Data Clearing House: National Spatial Data Infrastructure:
From page 291...
... EXAMPLES OF FEDERAL SITES PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTAL DATA Agricultural Research Service Water Data Base, Precipitation and Streamflow Data from Experimental Watersheds: Geological Survey Real Time and Historical Stream Flow, Water Quality, Water Use Data:
From page 292...
... APPENDIX B EXAMPLES OF OTHER SITES WITH DATA AND MAPS USEFUL TO WATERSHED MANAGERS AND RESEARCHERS Watershed Maps for the entire United States: huc2m.html. American Planning Association, Policy and Organizational Data by State:

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