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... That same year, the surgeon general's report was also focused on youth tobacco use.2 Prospects for tobacco control grew brighter when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asserted jurisdiction over tobacco products, with strong presidential support, state attorneys general brought suit against tobacco firms on a new legal basis, and class-action lawsuits became more palpable threats to the financial future of private tobacco firms.
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... The worldwide health consequences also clearly indicate that national tobacco control policies must look beyond national borders. At its first two meetings in the spring of 1997, the National Cancer Policy Board identified tobacco control as a priority, and tobacco control was the subject of its initial policy statements.
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... The settlement proposed FDA regulation, marketing and promotion restrictions, some antitrust exemptions for tobacco firms, and liability limits with escrow funds for class-action, individual, and state suits. On July 3, ~ 997, Mississippi reached its own settlement of more than $3 billion, but this will be superseded by the congressionally ratified settlement if it comes to fruition.

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