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Monitor Performance in Relation to Public Health Goals
Pages 11-17

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From page 11...
... The most successful efforts to curb tobacco use have grown from mobilization at the state and community levels and have entailed collaborations among private health organizations and federal, state, and local governments. Federal legislation currently prohibits state and local governments from regulating any form of advertising and promotional activities based on smoking and health, even if the activity occurs exclusively within states' jurisdictional borders.
From page 12...
... The CHIP approach might be adapted for use at the national level as well. National health improvement goals might be translated into intervention strategies that federal agencies and a variety of national organizations might be expected to act on and for which performance indicators might be developed and monitored.
From page 13...
... These measures hinge on how students, excluding those not attending school, recall and report their smoking behavior. These measures are useful, but they should be balanced with other independent measures, such as smoking rates among those in the youngest age categories of the National Health Interview Survey, as suggested in the proposed performance measures (see tables)
From page 14...
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From page 15...
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