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Raise Prices to Reduce Use
Pages 4-6

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From page 4...
... may address the public health and research provisions, agriculture committees may address the implications for tobacco growers, commerce committees may address the marketing and advertising of tobacco products, education committees may address the components dealing with public education, and tax policy committees (the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee) may address the revenue implications.
From page 5...
... This process leaves many unanswered questions and relies on institutions that must be created de nova. Negotiation of the allocation process could well prove to be complicated, with many interested parties staking contending claims, because tobacco firms, tobacco farmers, health researchers, tobacco control activists, state governments, state and federal health programs, international tobacco control efforts, and others all have a stake.
From page 6...
... The American Cancer Society urges elimination of the penalty caps and rebates in the settlement. The American Society of Clinical Oncology suggests a "fail-safe mechanism," with excise tax increases triggered by failure to attain youth tobacco-use targets.

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