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Appendix B: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 165-168

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From page 165...
... For example, she has served as a commissioner ofthe California State Commission on Civil Rights, as cochair of the National Network of Hispanic Women, as a commissioner with the Ford Foundation Stucly on the Status of Minorities in Higher Education, and as a member of the board of trustees of the Educational Testing Service. She has also consulted for a wide variety of agencies and foundations, as well as taught and conducted research in the field of education.
From page 166...
... After a long managerial career in both line and staff roles in an operating subsidiary, he has since 1974 had corporate responsibilities in many major areas of human resources, including management training and development; equal employment and affirmative action; planning and policies; and employee attitudes, motivation, and quality of work life. Most recently he was instrumental in sponsoring nationwide union-management worker participation efforts.
From page 167...
... She has written numerous journal articles, coauthored a legal text on sex discrimination, and received numerous awards and honors, including the Louise Waterman Wise award. GARY ORFIELD is professor of political science, public policy, and education at the University of Chicago.
From page 168...
... Previously he served as study director of the Committee on Occupational Classification ant! Analysis at the National Research Council, which produced reports on job evaluation, comparable worth, and the Dictionary of Occupational Titles; he was also study director of the Committee on Basic Research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, which produced two volumes on the value and usefi'Iness of basic research.

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