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5 Conclusions and Recommendations
Pages 27-29

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... These recommendations are consistent with priorities articulated previously by the Space Studies Board and its committees for the scientific study of asteroids and comets.) 2 GROUND-BASED TELESCOPIC OBSERVATIONS AND INSTRUMENTATION Baseline Recommendation: Support research programs for interpreting the spectra of near-Earth objects (NEOs)
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... LABORATORY STUDIES AND INSTRUMENTATION Baseline Recommendation: Support continued research on extraterrestrial materials to understand the controls on spectra of NEOs and the physical processes that alter asteroid and comet surface materials. Meteorite regolith breccias and some interplanetary dust particles potentially provide samples of asteroidal and cometary surface materials.
From page 29...
... REFERENCES 1. Space Studies Board, National Research Council, An Integrated Strategy for the Planetary Sciences: 1995-2010, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 1994, p.

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