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Trust in Cyberspace (1999) / Chapter Skim
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Appendix D: List of Position Papers Prepared for the Workshops
Pages 279-280

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From page 279...
... " "Information Systems Trustworthiness" "The Impact of Resource Reservation for RealTime Internet Services" "Trustworthiness in Telecommunications Systems" "QoS, Multicast and Information System Trustworthiness" WORKSHOP 2 "Formal, Informal, and Null Methods" "Formal Methods: State of the Practice" "Highly Assured Computer Engineering" "A Perspective on Formal Methods" "Research Directions for Java Security" "Mobile Code in Java: Strength and Challenges" "Formal Methods: State of Technology" 279
From page 280...
... Milojicic "Alternatives to Mobile Code" I Strother Moore "Position Statement on the State of Formal Methods Technology" Clifford Neuman "Rights Management, Copy Detection, and Access Control" Elaine Palmer "Research on Secure Coprocessors" John Rushby "Formal Methods: State of Technology" Margo Seltzer "Dealing with Disaster: Surviving Misbehaved Kernal Extensions" Mark Stefik "Security Concepts for Digital Publishing on Trusted Systems" Vipin Swarup "Mobile Code Security" WORKSHOP 3 Thomas Buss Michael Diaz Stephanie Forrest Chengi Jimmy Kuo John Francis Mergen "Building Strong Transactional Systems" "Assessing the Cost of Security and Trustworthiness" "Immunology and Intrusion Detection" "Free Macro Antivirus Techniques" "GTE Internetworking"

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