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4 Options for Fostering Interdisciplinary Research and Improving Access to Results
Pages 101-105

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From page 101...
... Advances in identification and application of social and economic principles basic to understanding interrelationships between information technology and society are important to those who make public policy as well as to those who design, deploy, and use the technology. Yet to help guide such efforts, there is today relatively little interdisciplinary research, as well as insufficient dialog between the technology and social science communities and insufficient contact between the research and public policy communities.
From page 102...
... This step might be taken initially in the context of postdoctoral training and master's degree programs, given that currently not enough is known to be codified at the textbook level. It was observed that development of interdisciplinary curricula would help to strengthen the interdisciplinary research community as well as raise awareness of interdisciplinary issues in computer science and engineering and social science fields.
From page 103...
... Interdisciplinary research has for some time been a significant component of a number of NSFsponsored computer science research programs, such as the national supercomputing centers. Increasingly, support for interdisciplinary research has come to include a social science component.
From page 104...
... One researcher separated out social science from other research and development by identifying which units in the research laboratory conducted social science investigations, an approach indicating that about 1 percent of the company's research and development spending was used for social science research. Taking a different approach conducting a rough assessment of social science content across the research and development portfolioresearch managers in two companies estimated spending on social science research there at about 10 percent of the companies' total research budget.
From page 105...
... One suggested approach to improving access to pertinent results was to have an online resource (e.g., a Web page) containing headlines and abstracts of policy-relevant social science research, along with pointers to the print and/or online published results.

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