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Appendix B: Letter of Request
Pages 89-92

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... B Letter of Request 89
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... For example, natural satellites, asteroids, and comets represent a wide range of bodies from which NASA may someday take and perhaps return a sample, not only during missions such as Rosetta, but also during missions proposed to NASA's Discovery Program and in our possible joint work with the Department of Defense. With the advent of possible sample return missions from multiple planetary bodies, we feel that it would be prudent to initiate a study that would extend current advice on Mars to other small solar system bodies by addressing: 1)
From page 91...
... Scientific investigations that should be conducted to reduce the uncertainty in the above assessment; 4) The potential risk from samples returned directly to Earth by space flight missions, as compared to the natural influx of material that enters the Earth's atmosphere as interplanetary dust particles, meteorites, and other small impactors.

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