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Appendix D: Planetary Protection Policy-NASA and COSPAR
Pages 95-98

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From page 95...
... For each solar system body that might be explored, NASA' s requirements may range from no further action (in the case of missions to bodies not of interest with respect to life or chemical evolution) to a variety of mission constraints, including careful record keeping, a requirement for altering spacecraft trajectories to avoid hitting a planet unintentionally, or even heat or gas treatment of a spacecraft to kill the biological organisms it may carry.
From page 96...
... (substantially more outbound mission involved than Inbound category III) Restricted Earth return: -All category IV -Continual monitoring of project activities -Preproject advanced studies/ research -Possible sample containment Unrestricted Earth return: None SOURCE: As presented in DeVincenzi et al.
From page 97...
... representatives have taken a leading role in the formulation of COSPAR planetary protection policy, and COSPAR policy has roughly mirrored NASA policy. NASA document NPG 8020.12 stipulates that NASA will not participate in international missions unless each international partner agrees to follow COSPAR planetary protection policy.

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