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Appendix E: Glossary
Pages 99-100

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... e.g., lungs Extremophiles microorganisms capable of growing under extreme physicochemical conditions such as high temperatures and pressures Forward contamination biological contamination of a solar system body from a sample return mission Gram-negative bacteria bacteria that show a red color from Gram' s stain procedure Gram-positive bacteria bacteria that show a purple color from Gram's stain procedure Hydrolase any of a class of enzymes that break hydrogen bonds 1National Research Council (NRC)
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... and forces sensitive to particle charge Kirkwood gap a narrow zone in the asteroid belt (generally surrounding a commensurability) that has been depleted of asteroids Kuiper Belt a torus-shaped volume beyond the orbit of Neptune populated by bodies ranging up to many hundreds of kilometers in size; the source region for most short-period comets Laplace orbital resonance a commensurability in the mean motions that causes repeated alignment of planetary satellites at identical points in their orbits Nuclease an enzyme that degrades nucleic acids Oort Cloud a spherical zone beyond the outer solar system, extending part way to the nearest star, where longperiod comets originate Poynting-Roberson drag forces interplanetary dust particles into Earth-crossing, inwardly spiraling circular orbits around the Sun Prokaryotic cells cells without a defined nucleus, e.g., bacteria Protease an enzyme that degrades proteins Protoplanetary disk another term for the solar nebula at the time it was flattened into a disk, or an analogous disk from which a single planet (e.g., Jupiter)

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