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Appendix C Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 139-144

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From page 139...
... His research interests include biodegradation of hazardous organic chemicals in the subsurface, biofilm kinetics, water and waste treatment processes, and transport and fate of bacteria in porous media. He is on the Research Advisory Council for the American Water Works Association Research Foundation, the editorial boards of the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology and Environmental Engineering Science, and the managing editorial board for Biodegradation.
From page 140...
... As a senior research staff member in Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Environmental Sciences Division, he was involved in dozens of environmental research and assessment projects involving development of new methods for predicting and measuring environmental risks of energy technologies. He has authored and co-authored more than 70 publications on ecological risk assessment, covering such topics as population modeling techniques and problems involving cooling systems, toxic chemicals, and watershed management.
From page 141...
... Mr. Siegel is or was recently a member of several government advisory committees, including the Defense Science Board Task Force on Unexploded Ordnance, the Federal Facilities Environment Restoration Dialogue Committee, the Subcommittee on Waste and Facility Siting of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Committee, the Peer Review Panel for the VOC Historical Case Initiative, and the Moffett Field Restoration Advisory Board.
From page 142...
... Geological Survey s National Research Program. His research interests include data network design for environmental monitoring and assessment, experimental design for understanding contaminant fate and transport, and optimization and decision analysis for water resources management.
From page 143...
... She is also the study director for the Committee to Review the New York City Watershed Management Strategy. In 1998, she received a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service from the Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources of the National Research Council.

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