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Appendix B Sources of Physical and Valuation Data on Natural Resources and the Environment
Pages 196-201

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From page 196...
... For management and analysis purposes, valuation estimates have also been developed for some nonmarket goods and environmental effects. Table B-1 lists several existing studies of resource and recreational values for the United States, while Table B-2 provides important sources for natural-resource assets and recreational activity data.
From page 197...
... Work-loss days ($83 per day) National recreational fishing benefits from reduced sediment pollution Willingness to pay to improve the nation's water quality from nonboatable status to swimmable status Protection of wetlands and wildlife habitat and water quality, and quantity decrements to nonconverted wetlands Keeping groundwater quality below EPA health advisory levels in southwestern Georgia Protection from nitrate contamination of groundwater serving wells and drinking water utilities in Georgia (continues)
From page 198...
... . nine regions Travel cost model/trips/ten regions Travel cost model and contingent valuation/ user day/selected states Travel cost model and contingent valuation/ user day/selected states Travel cost model/user day/ten regions Contingent valuation/ .
From page 199...
... examines air pollution trends of each of the six principal pollutants in the United States. A yearly EPA document the National Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report gives an analysis of changes in air pollution levels plus a summary of current air pollution status.
From page 200...
... The United States Geological Survey (USGS) collects information on the quality of ground and surface waters.
From page 201...
... NCHS is the federal government's principal vital and health statistics agency and provides a variety of data, including data on vital events, health status, lifestyle, exposure to unhealthy influences, onset and diagnosis of illness and disability, and use of health care. National survey conducted every 5 years.

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