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Appendix E Biographical Sketches
Pages 224-229

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From page 224...
... He is on the staff of the Cowles Foundation and is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is a member of the Committee on National Statistics and has served on several National Research Council panels, including the Committee on Carbon Dioxide Assessment (Commission on Geosciences, Environment, and Resources)
From page 225...
... In addition to working with the Panel on Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting, he works with the Panel To Study the Research Program of the Economic Research Service (ERS) , a Study To Review the Statistical Procedures for the Decennial Census, and a Study on Conceptual, Measurement, and Other Statistical Issues in Developing Cost-of-Living Indexes for Indexing Federal Programs.
From page 226...
... He is also the author of several publicly available software suites, including modeling packages used in the construction and econometric analysis of travel cost and other valuation models, Internet server software, and other utilities. JAMES HRUBOVCAK is Economist with the Economic Research Service of the U.S.
From page 227...
... He is currently a member of the National Research Council's Board on Sustainable Development (Population Division) and recently completed a 3-year term on the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board.
From page 228...
... His teaching and research interests over the past 25 years have focused on economic and public policy issues associated with the mineral industries. He has served as Vice-Chair of the Board on Mineral and Energy Resources and as a member of a number of other National Research Council boards and committees.
From page 229...
... He has been elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the Econometric Society. He has written extensively on environmental economics and on biodiversity and was awarded the prize for publication of enduring merit from the Association for Environmental and Resource Economics.

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