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Executive Summary
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... , to new physical phenomena such as giant magnetoresistance and the fractional quantum Hall effect. An enormous increase in computing power has yielded qualitative changes in visualization and simulation of complex phenomena in large-scale many-atom systems.
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... Small-scale centers located in universities and government laboratories play an essential role in a number of areas including microcharacterization, processing, synthesis, and state-of-the-art instrumentation development. The highest level in the hierarchy is exemplified by major facilities, including synchrotron light sources, centers for neutron-scattering research, and laboratories for high magnetic field studies.
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... The research areas described in the Overview provide a guide to the scientific arenas at the forefront of this work. · The agencies that support and direct research should plan for increased investment in modernizing the condensed-matter and materials physics research infrastructure at universities and government laboratories.
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... 4 CONDENSED-MATTER AND MATERIALS PHYSICS · Federal agencies should provide incentives for formation of partnerships among universities and government and industrial laboratories that carry out research in condensed-matter and materials physics. · Universities should endeavor to enhance their students' understanding of the role of knowledge integration and transfer as well as knowledge creation.

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