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Derivation of ULs: Summary of Progress to Date
Pages 20-23

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From page 20...
... · Subchronic NOAEL to predict chronic NOA EL. When data are lacking on chronic exposures, scientific judgment is necessary to determine whether chronic exposure is likely to lead to adverse effects at lower intakes than those producing effects after subchronic exposures (exposures of shorter duration)
From page 21...
... The UF for phosphorus is based on the lack of information concerning potential adverse effects of serum inorganic phosphate values in the range between normal serum phosphate levels and levels associated with ectopic mineralization. The selection of a UF of 2.5 for phosphorus was due to the relative lack of human data describing adverse effects of excess phosphorus intakes.
From page 22...
... 22 =~ to ~ ~ ~ o o o o ~ ~o ~o Cal V ~ Z Z-~ C-]
From page 23...
... For infants, ULs were not determined for any of the B vitamins, choline, magnesium, phosphorus, or calcium because of the lack of data on adverse effects in this age group and concern regarding infants' possible lack of ability to handle excess amounts. Thus, caution is warranted; food should be the source of intake of these nutrients by infants.

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