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Arsenic in Drinking Water (1999) / Chapter Skim
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Addendum to Chapter 9
Pages 302-306

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From page 302...
... Such complex diets have their own problems of contamination. Contamination from protein sources can be avoided by acid washing, by substituting chemically pure amino acid mixtures or by using ruminant animal species that can synthesize much of their protein needs from chemically pure urea.
From page 303...
... Milk powder   250 Casein, high protein 200 150 Ground corn, acid washed 673 230 Non-nutritive fiber   50 Dextrose, anhydrous   142.5 Corn oil   100 Soybean oil 70   CaCo 3 15 14 KH 2 PO 4 10 4 Choline bitartrate 2.5   A vitamin mix in cornstarch and a mineral mix in dextrose was added to the rat diet to furnish all known miconutrient requirements. The chick diet was slightly different to meet requirements of that species.
From page 304...
... 403-409 in Trace Substances in Environmental Health—X, Proceedings of the University of Missouri's Tenth Annual Conference on Trace Substances in Environmental Health, D.D. Hemphill, ed.
From page 305...
... 1967. A controlled environment system for new trace element deficiencies.
From page 306...
... Page 306

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