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Appendix A List of Site Visits and Briefings
Pages 245-249

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... Appendixes
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... Appendix A List of Site Visits and Briefings SITE VISITS OF THE COMMITTEE Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration 97, Tidewater, Virginia, July 1997 Ulchi Focus Lens, Korea, August 1997 Force XXI Division Advanced Warfighting Experiment, Fort Hood, Texas, November 1997 Blue Flag 98, Eglin Air Force Base/Hurlburt Field, Florida, February 1998 National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland, May 1998 Electronic Systems Command, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, May 1998 BRIEFINGS TO THE COMMITTEE June 1997 C4I Acquisition and Technology Noel Longuemare, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology Fundamentals of Command and Control Dave Alberts, National Defense University NATO C3 Issues Loren Diedrichsen, NATO C3 Agency 247
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... Marine Corps Special Operations Command Jim Cluck, Special Operations Acquisition December 4, 1997 The DOD Acquisition Process for C4I Dr. Margaret Myers, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I, and Mr.
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... Army/Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, and Acquisition Joint Continuous Strike Environment Mr. John Osterholz, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I Joint Theater Air/Missile Defense Richard Ritter, Ballistic Missile Defense Office Eligible Receiver Captain rake Schaftner, Joint Staff 249 March 1998 Roundtable discussion with Lieutenant General Muellner, Lieutenant General Kadish, and Brigadier General Nagy to discuss Air Force C4I .

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