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1 Introduction
Pages 7-9

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... is to improve the health of the people of the United States by increasing our understanding of the processes underlying human health and by acquiring new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease. NIH accomplishes this mission by: supporting research in universities, medical schools, hospitals, ant research institutions in this country and abroad; conducting research in its own laboratories and clinics; supporting Braining for promising young researchers; helping to develop and maintain research resource -lo; identifying research findings that can be applied to the care of patients, and helping to transfer such advances to the health care system;
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... The Organizational Structure of NIH The genius of the institution in shaping scientific excellence to health needs is found in the interplay between the categorical research institutes and the disciplinary Study aectiona. A complete description and analysis of this structure appear in Appendix B
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... Chapter 3 explores the NIH relationship with the rest of the Department of Health and Human Services and with Congress and the public, and describes a mechanism to ensure that NIH and the other agencies of the Public Health Service are making adequate contributions to the nation's health research effort. Finally, Chapter 4 analyzes the internal organization of NIH, including structures for dealing with issues that cross institute lines, and suggests a series of measures to ensure a manageable structure for NIH and its overall responsiveness to health needs ant scientific opportunities.

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