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From page 82...
... The heart of the matter is the relationship of flaws to ..t' research results and that is what our analyses are designed to investigate. In a 1986 manuscript, Hyman suggested that the relationship of flaws to study outcomes should
From page 83...
... . Interestingly, three of the six flaw variables correlated positively with the flaw canonical variable and with the outcome canonical variable (DOC, FB, R)
From page 84...
... Conclus ion Our analysis of the effects of flaws on study outcome lends no support to the hypothesis that ganzfeld research results are a significant function of the set of flaw variables. In addition, a series of 10 new studies designed to control for earlier presumed flaws yielded results quite consistent with the original set of 28 studies.
From page 85...
... Research, _, 199 -207 . Enhancing human performance.

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