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6. Research Recommendations
Pages 81-84

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From page 81...
... Prepare detailed requirements and criteria for the develop ment of a common conceptual framework for an integrated ergonomic model. These requirements should include the development of a common taxonomy and language that would permit standardization and compatibility in collection, analysis, and collation of data from a variety of sources.
From page 82...
... body segments; the development or refinement of methods for obtaining threedimensional data, such as locating three-~nnensional subsurface landmarks from the surface of the bocly; and quantifying human body shape and contour while incorporating consideration of the effects of body motion on body size and shape. Determine whether the relationships between independent body descriptors can be established for the development of three dimensional models.
From page 83...
... These ~nclucle: ~ models of specific body segments that function in coordination with each other such as head and neck, lower arm and hand, lower ~d upper arm, upper arm and shoulder, foot and lower leg, lower and upper leg; ~ models of bones under stress under various anisotropic assumptions; ~ models that describe the effects of motivation on the mechanical impedance of muscles and jowts; these should include sudden bursts and sustained action; and ~ models that describe cognitive and neural functions. Recommendation 5: Develop a mode!
From page 84...
... Generic descriptors should include: descriptions of humanmachine interfaces, task requirements, specifically requirements on the human, and a definition of the interchange of information between the technical systems and the human. Recommendation 6: Develop methods and criteria for the validation of ergonomic modem.

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