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1 Research and Infrastructure Innovation—Opportunities and Challenges
Pages 4-7

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... We are more sensitive to the impact of these services on other daily activities: we want clean air, clean water, and the preservation of parks and wildlife regions; we expect services to fin this report, the term public works infrastructures includes both specific flmctional modes highways, streets, roads, and bridges; mass transit; airports Ed airways; water supply and water resources; wastewater management; solid-waste treatment and disposal; electric power generation and transmission; telecommunications; and hazardous waste management and the combined system these modal elements comprise. A comprehension of infrastr~cturc spans not only these public worics facilities, but also the operating procedures, management practices, and development policies that interact together with societal demand and the physical world to facilitate the transport of people and goods, provision of water for drinking and a variety of other uses, safe disposal of society's waste products, pro~rinion of energy where it is needed, and transmission of information within "d between communities.
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... In modern times, the public deem almost unaware of the facilities and services of infrastructure until a failure occurs. The collapse of a bridge, a power failure, and freeway gridlock are sure newsmakers with the more catastrophic failures prompting demands for unprovements in design or operations.
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... ~ so, what new ideas, what new systems? These are questions for resear~h.2 The search for answers currently resides in the programs sponsored by the venous private countries, professional groups, and government agencies responsible for building arid operating individual modes of public works infrastructure.
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... Chapter 4 of this report presents the committee' view that a national institution designed to bring cohesion and focus to the subject of ~nfrastructure research and development ~ ultunately needed. The nature of that institution, its funding arrangements, the process for setting research priorities, and the means for amur~g that research leads to practical innovation-these Cues have yet to be addremed.

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