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... A purely economic approach requires only that the overall stock of capital, or inputs to the production of goods and services, remain at least constant from one generation to another; the capacity to generate income, in other words, remains at least the same over time. Stated more generally in the words of Nobel laureate Robert Solow, "a sustainable path is one that allows every future generation the option of being as well off as its 3
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... Man-made capital includes human capital, the skills embodiecl in people, and physical capital, such as buildings, machinery, and production equipment. Activities that deplete the stock of natural capital are permitted as long as compensating investments are made to increase the stock of physical or human capital, leaving the overall capital stock intact.
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... In each ofthese two areas, sustainability challenges earth scientists to redirect their scientific research, to assemble data that are usable in policy analysis and decision making, and ultimately to transmit their findings more clearly to policymakers and the public. It is to these challenges that the report now turns.

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