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1 Introduction
Pages 7-8

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... UNESCO's invitation to BICSE identified a number of areas of interest and included some constraints. It requested suggestions for a phased development of activities over the next decade, including strengthening current capabilities, extending statistical data collection to new variables, and identifying and incorporating linkages with economic and social research in general and education research in particular.
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... We gathered evidence about the current state of UNESCO statistics and about the needs of users through several intensive site visits to UNESCO headquarters; two commissioned papers on organizational, management, and technology issues by individuals with relevant expertise and extensive experience in developing nations; review of UNESCO documents and publications; meetings and interviews with individuals from other international organizations and development banks; an informal mail survey to which we received responses from 25 statisticians and education researchers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; and a presentation to and discussion with international comparative education scholars at their annual meeting. We also drew on related studies previously published by the National Research Council's Committee on National Statistics and by individual scholars.

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