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4 An Era of Change
Pages 26-29

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... The debate about the appropriate roles in R&D of industry, government laboratories, and the universities is set against 26 The Physics of Materials this backdrop of constrained resources and increased gIobal economic competition. In the next century, the United States will need to respond to world tensions arising from economic competition, regional military conflict, competition for energy and other strategic resources, and global environmental issues.
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... The shift of 0 the major industrial laboratories away from long-term, funda FIGURE 4.2 The Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory, commissioned irz 1996, is the rzatior~'s most powerful syr~chrotrorz x-ray facility. It will provide unprecedented research opportunities to thousands of users irz the materials, biological, arid er~girzeerir~g sciences.
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... 28 The Physics of Materials FIGURE 4.4 The High Flux Isotope Reactor provides the rzatior~'s most intense steady-state neutron beams for materials research arid isotope production. The neutron scattering spectrometer shown here is being configured for art experiment that uses the rzeutror~'s unique sensitivity to magnetism.
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... The construction and operational costs of large facilities, however, force us to consider carefully their bud gets relative to those for other R&D initiatives and to look more closely at the role and impact of the internationaliza tion of science. Finally, increased coopera tion will be required among · · ~ universities, government laboratories, and industry to leverage existing resources and to ensure the effective integration of science and FIGURE 4.5 The incorporation of major scientific advances into new products can take decades arid often follows unpredictable paths.

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