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The Changing World and What It Means
Pages 9-14

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From page 9...
... There is an implicit or explicit premise that actions can avert negative outcomes and promote positive ones. Therefore none of the trends mentioned below ought to be considered as inevitable.
From page 10...
... At least thus far, increasing health expenditures and breakthroughs in health technology simply expose people to the next disease or decrepitude to strike them. Public safety and national security are limited by nasty escalation feedback loops.
From page 11...
... Globalization Economic and political integration around the world is another obvious trend with notso-onvious implications. In facilitating the transfer of capital and product technology among countries, globalization Implies less advantage for countries like the United States that have concentrated on product development, and more for other countries that have lower labor costs or advanced production technologies.
From page 12...
... 7Eugene Skolnikoff, in "New International Trends Affecting Science and Technology," Science and Public Policy 22:2 (April 1993~:115-25, at p. 115 notes: "There is an important shift in international science and technology toward international economic, rather than security, goals in the motivation for support, but little diminution of the strong national basis of decision-making.
From page 13...
... Natural Resource Constraints Barring an unanticipated leap in the incidence of AIDS or other epidemics, world population will continue to increase rapidly along with even more rapid increases in per capita consumption. The combination of economic take-off for countries like China and India, and continued population growth, will lead to an unprecedented rate of growth in the demands for natural resources and environmental services.8 Living conditions deteriorate when the combination of technological innovation and investment do not keep pace with the infrastructural needs of an increasing population.
From page 14...
... It is based on a conviction that science policy will be shaped by reactions to economic challenges (more than to national security concerns as in the past) and to increasingly nonindulgent public opinion.

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