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Executive Summary
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... While some of these technologies have been readily incorporated into the study of marine organisms as models for understanding basic biology, the value of molecular techniques for addressing problems in marine biology and biological oceanography has only recently begun to be appreciated. The exploitation of molecular biological techniques will allow difficult research questions about marine organisms and ocean processes to be addressed and wit!
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... The committee has targeted seven basic research topics that it believes could benefit from increased attention and more appropriate facilities for carrying out research based on molecular techniques.
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... Technology Development, Technology Transfer, and Infrastructure Some advances in fundamental biological I
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... The technologies and approaches of molecular biology could contribute to existing federally funded initiatives, such as the Joint Global Ocean Flux Study, the Ridge Interdisciplinary Global Experiment, the Land Margin Ecosystems Research program, and the Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics program. Specific recommendations call for: · Developing technology to enable manipulation of organisms on board ships and in the laboratory under in situ environmental conditions.
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... Public and Commercial Applications 5 A mechanism is needier to promote collaborative partnerships among federal agencies, academic marine scientists, and private industry and to permit appropriate research findings on marine organisms to be transferred rapidly to the private sector for commercialization. Private sector participation in funding research efforts and infrastructure could speed the development of bioremeciiation and environmental monitoring methodologies and could promote basic research on the biochemistry of novel compounds and metabo~ites that might be useful for biomedical applications.
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... The Committee on Molecular Marine Biology believes that, in order to answer the scientific questions posed in this report, achieve the scientific potential afforded by the techniques of molecular biology, and enhance the development and ir~ternational competitiveness of the United States in the area of marine biotechnology, several actions will be necessary: Federal agencies, private industry, and academic scientists shouic] work more closely together.

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