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Appendix C: Gulf of Maine Regional Science Programs
Pages 239-242

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From page 239...
... The board's chair is a Sea Grant Director in the region, who is one of the NOAA appointees. The members of the Gulf of Maine RMR Board are (with one vacancy to be appointed by Massachusetts)
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... The Gulf of Maine RMRP Goals/Pr~or~ties The 10-year goal of the Gulf of Maine Regional Marine Research Program is to work toward a suite of models that collectively simulate how the Gulf of Maine ecosystem, and its interacting components, function naturally and under stress. Themes/Critical Research Needs The primary objectives, during the early stages of the development of the Gulf of Maine RMR Program, will be to support research projects that meet initially-identified, high priority needs for scientific information, as laid out in the RMRP Gulf of Maine Research Plan (19921.
From page 241...
... More specifically, the association has as its objectives the promotion of efficient use of resources through coordination of marine research and monitoring in the Gulf of Maine; enhancement of scientific planning and inter-institutional communication by facilitating the availability of research funds and facilities to scientists at member institutions; the planning, organization, and implementation of long-range and interdisciplinary research programs in the Gulf of Maine; communication of the need for and results of scientific research on the Gulf of Maine to the user community and the public at large; and providing scientific and technical advice and planning for federal, regional, state, and local agencies and organizations. In support of these objectives, RARGOM has entered into a three-way agreement with the Regional Marine Research Board and the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment that, while recognizing the independent missions of each, facilitates the communication, integration, and cross-fertilization of ideas that are of mutual benefit to each.
From page 242...
... 242 IMPROVING INTERAC1lONS BETWEEN COASTS SCIENCE AND POLICY Plan and co-sponsored an ongoing series of regional workshops on topics of mutual interest to the association, the Regional Manne Research Board, and the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment.

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