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From page 5...
... "Science" is broadly construed to include the natural sciences as well as the social sciences and policy analysis; "policy" is meant to encompass relevant actions by local, state, and federal governments; and the "coastal ocean" is defined as the area spanning the land portion of the s
From page 6...
... The symposia have each brought together 60 to 80 individuals representing three major perspectives: natural sciences, social sciences and policy analysis, and policymaking and implementation at both state and federal levels (the symposium participants are listed in Appendix B)
From page 7...
... There has been substantial national investment in coastal ocean management activities through such programs as NOAA's Coastal Zone Management Program, EPA's National Estuary Program, and the implementation of various federal laws concerned with the coastal ocean (such as the Fishery Conservation and Management Act, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, and others)
From page 8...
... For example, in policy initiation, both the natural and social sciences could be instrumental in identifying emerging problems likely to need a new public policy or private sector response. During the formulation and implementation stages, the natural and social sciences could provide technically sound methods for dealing with specific coastal ocean management problems.
From page 9...
... Identify specific incentives and mechanisms for improving the interaction between · Examples of incentives include (~) an effort whereby policymakers receive constructive scientific advice in a timely manner, demonstrating the potential usefulness of the science-policy relationship, and (2)
From page 10...
... Two additional symposia on science-policy interactions have been convened one was held in California in November 1992 and the other was held in the Gulf of Mexico region in January 1995. Considerable activity exists in both of these regions in terms of both coastal policy and coastal science; it is hoped that these symposia will advance the interaction between the realms of science and policy in the context of specific issues in these regions.

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