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From page 26...
... If the Syrian government continues to withhold the names of former detainees who have been released, it cannot expect to get the credit it deserves for the releases. In their efforts to assure the release of all political detainees, human rights organizations will have no choice but to continue to circulate the full list of those known to have been incarcerated, including persons who may have been freed but whose freedom has not been acknowledged or verified.
From page 27...
... The trials held in 1992 under the state security court system reportedly violated the most elementary standards of due process. Moreover, most of those charged are being held for the expression of political views, belonging to political parties, advocating human rights reform, and establishing human rights organizations -- activities that are not criminal offenses under international human rights law.
From page 28...
... The freedoms enjoyed by the former professional organizations in Syria should be restored. Professional associations in Syria have had a long history of free elections, democratic rule, and relative autonomy from government.
From page 29...
... Restoration of the freedoms earlier enjoyed by the professional associations could bring Syria substantial international scientific benefits. For genuine liberalization to take place, the laws introduced in 1980 and 1981 dissolving the associations and establishing Ba'ath Party control over them will have to be repealed.

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