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5 Assessing Impacts, Vulnerability, and Adaption to Global Changes
Pages 25-28

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... within geographic information systems can enhance and update assessments. RELATION TO USGCRP PRIORITIES Focused research efforts on the consequences of global change can support the wider needs of the USGCRP in the following ways: 25
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... . RESEARCH GOALS Research on impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to global changes can yield: · improved and more regionally detailed assessments of the impact of climate change on socioeconomic and ecological systems using the most recent results of general circulation climate models, mesoscale models for global warming, and information on the characteristics of interannual climate variability; · vulnerability assessments of the ability of resource and human systems such as forestry, agriculture, cities, and industry to anticipate and respond to global changes (taking into account the ways in which major nonenvironmental changes such as population growth, institutional and economic transformations, and technical developments are altering the vulnerabilities of individuals, communities, and regions to environmental change and variation)
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... Linked models are also being used in an integrated assessment of the impacts of climate warming in the Mackenzie River Valley of northern Canada (Lonergran, DiFrancesco, and Woo, 1993; Cohen, 1992~. RELATION TO INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH This research effort would support international efforts at assessing global change impacts and vulnerabilities through institutions such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and regional research efforts such as the InterAmerican Institute (IAI)
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... Altboupb agencies with ~sponsibiLties in specific sectors Egg water, ag~culmce) might sponsor relied rese~b, coor~n~ion win ho Squired to Ether the potential of intended assessments.

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